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The Rev. John A. Mennell

The Rev. Tristan Shin
Associate Rector

The Rev. Tom Laws
Assisting Clergy

Parish Office

Ronald Baltimore
Director of Music

Christine Corso
Parish Administrator

Marty Chavkin

Kathy DeWalt
Director of Family Ministries

Pam Smith
Business Operations Manager

Kelly Wenz
Junior Choir Director

Church Pets

Gabriel Luke (Gabe)
Rectory Cat

Office Fish

Toni's Kitchen

Najeellah Abdullah
Parking Lot Attendant

Thomas Arias-Hernandez

Felice Yeh Bettenbender
Enterprise Architect

Luz Concepcion
Choice Pantry Greeter

Stacey Cooper
Weekend Operations Manager

Susan Lunetta Fattell
Menu Planning Specialist

Kerry Giles
Financial & Grant Management

Anne Mernin
Executive Director

Joseph Morcos
Program Manager

Rowan O’Dair-Gadler

Jennifer Pine
Administrative Support

Amy Pomerantz
Development Officer

Magdalena Rabelo
Program Manager

Deb Sharp
Part-Time Shift Manager

Melissa Van Riper
Volunteer Scheduling Coordinator

Roman Whitlock
Vehicle Manager &
Program Support Specialist

Nancy Xenakis, MSW
Guest Support Coordinator