Godly Play

Godly Play for Children from Pre-K to 1st Grade

Children from Pre-K to 1st grade are invited to join our Godly Play class. The Godly Play room on the 3rd floor of the parish house is brightly decorated and has all the necessary materials for hands on learning about Bible Stories. We follow the liturgical calendar while exploring the stories in sacred space. We have a specially designed worship room where we gather to hear the stories of God and reflect on them. Each story is carefully shared utilizing the Montessori style materials which enable the children to watch the unfolding story. Our reflection time uses a “Wondering model” encouraging questioning and examination of the story.

A response activity is then shared by the group in the art room, drama room or computer lab. The children rejoin the congregation at the Peace and participate in the Eucharist celebration with their families.

A carpeted space is provided in the Baptistry with coloring books and reading material for silent sharing during the service.

Many of our Godly Play participants take part in the annual Chistmas Paegent

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