Caring Community

The second is this, “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” There is no other commandment greater than these.’

Mark 12:31

St. Luke’s is a community; some even call it family. Without title or fanfare, many have called, visited, or given rides to fellow congregants who suffer a setback from illness or injury. Seeking to build on the spirit of loving our neighbor that already exists in the congregation, St. Luke’s is launching a Caring Community which steps up when the need arises.


The Caring Community provides help and social connection for parishioners of any age, who are suffering from short- or long-term disabilities, or just need assistance. We have opportunities for you to volunteer by:

  • Delivering meals, transportation assistance, home visits, grocery shopping, phone buddies
  • Provide publicity support
  • Event planning or special events
  • Research or other projects

We gather for status meetings, and to share the progress of our work on the 2nd Sunday of each month and takes approximately one hour. As a volunteer the time commitment to join this ministry is varied and can be as little as one hour a month. To contact Susan Singer, the Caring Community Coordinator, email