The Organ

Marshall & Ogletree Opus Two

M&O Opus Two replaced an E.M. Skinner organ which, in its earlier years, was an impressive and large instrument laid out in huge, very deep organ chambers. Over the years, its Skinner distinction began to fade as various builders made changes to it and, like so many organs do, it eventually “lost its way” and fell into disrepair. A search for a replacement began. Fortuitously, news of a remarkable new instrument at Trinity Wall Street made its way across the Hudson and the committee went to Trinity Wall Street for a look. The result: Opus Two.

Perhaps the most “Skinneresque” M&O organ, Opus Two includes three stops that were captured and digitized from the ranks that remained operable in our previous Skinner organ, notably a beautiful 8′ Flugelhorn, an 8′ Bombarde, and the Harp. We were delighted to preserve ranks from our previous organ, allowing an audible connection to the history of St. Luke’s, not unlike archival photographs taken prior to a building renovation.