“Jesus answered him, “It is written, “‘You shall worship the Lord your God, and God only shall you serve.’” – Luke 4:8

There are many ways to participate in worship services at St. Luke’s in addition to sitting in the pews.  If you are interested in any one of these ministries, please contact The Rev. John Mennell

  • Worship Assistant (Assisting the priest)
  • Chalice Bearer (Serving Communion)
  • Lay Reader (Reading the lessons or prayers)
  • Acolyte (Carrying the cross or candle in procession)
  • Usher (Welcoming people into the Service)
  • Healing (Praying with people)
  • Chorister (Singing in the Choir)
  • Altar Guild (Preparing the church for worship)
  • Flower Guild (Arranging flowers for worship)