Tim Mannion

Vestry Class of 2025

My involvement at St. Luke’s has been wide-ranging over the 24 years that I have been a member. I’ve served in a variety of capacities, besides being a member of the choir practically since Day 1 (Thanks to Sue Villarosa!). The ministries in which I’ve previously served include the Buildings and Grounds team, the Search Committee, which thankfully found a perfect match in John Mennell, and the Vestry that issued his call. I have also served regularly as substitute organist, been on the Liturgy, Worship, and Music committees, and worked on two Capital Campaigns. Aside from continuing as co-chair of the Flower Guild and singing in the choir, I’ve taken a little breather from some of those prior responsibilities, but I’m yearning to get back to work with the vestry so that I can help guide the future work this parish does for our community. I am honored to be asked to run again for Vestry and hope to leverage all my knowledge and skills for the benefit of St. Luke’s!