Ari Measday

Candidate for Vestry Class of 2025

I’m putting myself forward to serve on the vestry in order to use my time and talent for St. Luke’s–also because it just feels good to be more involved with this fabulous community! The past two years have amplified the deep need for community that St. Luke’s provides. It has been a time of recognizing how much we need each other. Over the past two years I have missed being at church in person. But in attending virtual church I feel we have welcomed each other into our homes and let ourselves be seen in our honest, human, pandemic mess. I hope we are able to take that with us coming out of the pandemic.
I’ve been a member of St. Luke’s since 2014, when my husband and I got married here. We are so grateful to have found this welcoming, inclusive community. I usually attend the 9am Celebrate! service with my son, Kevin (who is my ambassador and social director!). In my work life I was a project manager for clinical drug trials, and have a degree in public health.
My service at St. Luke’s includes the following:
My first volunteer experience at St. Luke’s was at Toni’s Kitchen. Over the past year I served on grounds maintenance with the Graceful Grounds ministry. It’s wonderful to see the spring flowers blooming. I co-ran St. Luke’s play group, pre-COVID. The play group served both the congregation and the wider community, helping to fulfill our mandate to “be the cathedral in the community.”
In 2020 I served on the Peace & Justice Ministry Listening Tours campaign, to listen to the St. Luke’s community and clarify what social justice actions the congregation is called to. I am proud to have served previously on the Vestry, especially during the renovation to make St. Luke’s more accessible to all. I served as Vestry Clerk from 2017-2019. In 2019, I served as a Stewardship Committee Captain for the 9am Celebrate! service. Additionally, I was introduced to the First Friends organization through St. Luke’s Peace & Justice Ministry and have volunteered to help welcome recent immigrants.