We Are Slick(ered) – October 17, 2017

Soto del Barco to Soto de Luña
14.6 Miles/34,127 Steps – (Total 188.7/435,375)

It was a very pleasant day, despite the light rain that accompanied us for most of the morning. We arrived at the hotel fairly early, showered, lunched – and then went for a walk to the beach – because we hadn’t walked much today? We are feeling fairly strong with these relatively short days.

As we chatted this afternoon and planned tomorrow, we acknowledged that the last two days did not give the beauty and thrills of the first few sunny days on the coast and the pageantry of Avila. Life is filled with more non-descript days than memorable ones – and God is there too. Sometimes we just need to be open to the God that surrounds us at all times.

There were several moments like that today. Sonia announced that the rain was not as bad as forecast. We removed our slickers and then had the heaviest rain of the day. There were small things to notice. One day I will just take pictures of blossoms. There is so much blooming in so many colors I forget that it is late October.

And then there are the slugs of Spain. I’ll get pictures. They are huge. Banana sized. Different colors and flavors. (We have not actually tasted them, or seen them on a menu, but the black ones must taste different than the yellow ones, right?)

This morning we left Soto del Barco before sunrise and crossed the bridge that looked out to the castle that guarded the entrance to the river.

We made our way through some eucalyptus groves and past a couple small towns. We could see the ocean occasionally, shrouded in the rain and mist. The blues of last week were replaced with a palette of grays.

The skies cleared as we entered Soto de Luña. After cleaning up we went down to Playa del Pedro – a cove with steep cliffs on both sides. The waves crashed on the rocks of an entirely empty beach.

We have settled in to our patterns. The journey for the last two days has been comfortable and not overwhelming. We are likely stronger from the journey. We know that even in what seems mundane, God has sprinkled miracles – and giant slugs.

59°F Rain
Plaza del Marqués de Muros, 18–21, Muros de Nalón, Asturias, Spain