Spiritual Enrichment Opportunities – 2013

The Spiritual Enrichment Team is pleased to invite you to participate in two new Bible Study offerings in the new year – both begin on Monday, January 7th:

Your Bible!  The Study Begins is a great way to learn about origins of the bible as we know it, and open yourself up to the amazing wealth of spiritual inspiration that it contains.  In this 8-session course we will learn about both the Old (Hebrew) and New (Christian) Testaments, from a historical and literary perspective, including the development of the Holy Bible (what was included and not included and why).  Whether you know the Bible well, or not at all, you are sure to enjoy this informative series about our sacred texts.

The Commandments: For a Blessed Lifeis a 7-session course about the Ten Commandments.   Also known as the Decalogue, these commandments appear twice in the Hebrew Testament – in the books of Exodus and Deuteronomy.  They are a set of biblical principles relating to ethics and worship that have played a fundamental role in Judaism, and most forms of Christianity.  But, how can these ancient Hebrew biblical laws speak to us in this day?  This course will help us to explore and appreciate this seminal spiritual wisdom anew.

We are also seeking a few fellow members who might be willing to join the teaching/session leader teams for these courses.  If you’re interested in participating in these courses and/or serving as a session leader, please contact a member of the Spritual Enrichment Team: Walter Booker (booker@slechurch.org), Anne Mockridge (mockridge@slechurch.org), Jinni Rock-Bailey (rock-bailey@slechurch.org) or Joanie Collyer (joaniecollyer@verizon.net).