Jason Andersen

2022 Diocesan Convention Deputy
Foundation Committee

Thank you for being a part of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church and for being present to vote in the annual meeting.

My name is Jason Andersen and I am looking for your vote of confidence to carry out the duties of the Foundation Committee.

As a parishioner of St. Luke’s, an artist, and a long time architecture enthusiast, I have always had a deep admiration for the beauty of our church building. Through the years that I have served as the head of the Usher ministry, I have been blessed to have been able to gain greater knowledge and appreciation of the Romanesque exterior and marvel at the Gothic interior. Gaining this knowledge and appreciation has afforded me a greater respect for the needs of the church as a physical structure.

Winston Churchill once mused, “We shape our buildings and afterwards our buildings shape us.” It is my belief that through my experience as an usher, meeting and getting to know my fellow parishioners, along with becoming more intimate with the physical structure of the church, that I am uniquely qualified to balance the needs of St. Luke’s the structure with the needs of the St. Luke’s the parish.

Thank you for your consideration.