Spiritual Direction at St. Luke’s

Spiritual direction is a relationship between a spiritual guide and a participant during which we listen for God’s leadings. It is a place where our journeys of faith are looked at lovingly and with care. It is about prayer practices that put us in touch with God, and nurture and heal us.

In the midst of busy lives it is often hard to notice how God is working. But God is at work, whether we perceive it or not.

A spiritual companion can help you see things freshly and 
explore the many ways God is at work in the world.

God’s spirit is with you every day and everywhere. With a spiritual director to talk with, you can discover that God wants a closer relationship, and you can reflect deeply on the experiences of your daily life.

Gradually, you come to recognize God’s presence in your life
and what that has to do with the life of your True Self.

Spiritual direction is about listening to what God is already doing and asking helpful questions that awaken you to a deeper spiritual journey. Reading may be suggested to support you; you might discover ways of praying that reinforce confidence in God’s companionship. Occasionally, life presents obstacles that make prayer seem pointless, or cause you to wonder if a life of prayer is necessary.

Spiritual directors encourage your faithfulness and act as a 
sounding board for understanding your journey.

Reasons you might come to spiritual direction are varied:

  • You may wish to learn more about prayer, or try new forms of prayer
  • You might want to learn the practice of the presence of God in your daily life.
  • Perhaps you are faced with important choices.
  • You need someone to listen as you share your hopes and struggles.
  • You recognize that a relationship with God challenges you to an active life of mission and a deeper concern for the poor.
  • You desire to live your most profound convictions with integrity.

A relationship with a spiritual director is marked by their sense of privilege and responsibility in journeying with you as you deepen your relationship with God. These meetings are offered to serve your growth in the awareness of grace and freedom in your life.

This relationship presumes
strict confidentiality.

Most spiritual direction sessions involve meeting for an hour once a month. The cost is determined between you and the director; some spiritual directors offer their services for free, others ask or a donation as you are able to pay or encourage you to donate to a charitable cause.

Most spiritual companions have professional training and are versed in the art of spiritual direction. Spiritual directors have their own spiritual directors. They engage in continuing education and have others who supervise their work.

You can evaluate your working relationship with your director periodically. It is important that you feel comfortable with the spiritual director that you choose.

This is a relationship not of obligation but of 
hopeful harmony with the leadings of the Spirit.

To arrange for a spiritual direction session, please contact Sara Nally via email or by telephone at 770-598-6930, or email Peter Savastano.