Quarterly Warden’s Report

Dear Fellow St. Luke’s Parishioners,
Hello and Happy Spring! I hope that this note finds you well and feeling renewed in the Spirit of this Easter season. I’m writing to share information and updates about some very important and exciting developments in our parish and hope that you’ll take a few minutes to review this missive containing them (which will likely take less than five minutes).

First I want to thank everyone, who, by their attendance and for others by their leadership, contribute to this unique and wonderful spiritual home for us all. And it’s in this spirit that I share the following:

St. Luke’s is on the move and there are great things afoot. Wendy and I would like to discuss them with you in greater depth and detail at our upcoming Wardens Town Hall this Sunday, April 29. Among the opportunities that we’ll be reviewing is a collective process of discernment and dialogue that that we’re calling St. Luke’s 2020. I’d like to tell you a little bit more about that in a moment, but, first, let’s focus on some present opportunities for you to contribute to the church in uniquely meaningful ways and to experience it ever more bountifully yourselves.

You should know that we have a number of Ministries that are in need of a few more good people to help lead them. One example is the Caring Community: while always in need of folks who can contribute a meal or a ride to the doctor or other singular or one-time gifts to its clients, we’d also like to identify leaders who are willing to help guide the effort in collaboration with its founder and leading light Susan Singer.

Another critical opportunity involves our Youth Ministry: we are always in need of people willing to guide the spiritual formation of our young people as Sunday school teachers, so would you consider serving in this role? Likely you would only have to teach once or at most twice a month, but choosing to do so will have such a wonderfully elevating and illuminating impact on the most eager and impressionable souls among us. Can we identify 3 to 4 of you willing to serve now in this critical effort?

Further, we are currently involved in a process of reformulating the lay leadership of our Youth Group: we are now in need of 3 to 4 additional adult leaders who can revitalize this effort in collaboration with the young adults we serve and, going forward, guide it in an impactful but not overly invasive way (meaning, among other things, that you’ll only have to serve once or maybe twice per month for a couple of hours). Will you consider joining the leadership team of the Youth Group? I can assure you that, though you may initially conceive of your prospective service as most beneficial for our young people, you’ll receive even more in return, especially by being inspired by these souls who not only represent the future of our church but of our world as well….
Please consider joining these critical efforts within our church.  If you’re interested in any of these opportunities, please let me or Wendy or Kathy DeWalt or Sue Singer know.

OK, let’s talk a little bit more about St. Luke’s 2020:

Essentially, this effort started as a conversation between our esteemed Rector, Rev. John A. Mennell, who had recently returned from his sabbatical, and your Wardens. The question we were exploring with John was “What do you want to do in your second decade here at St. Luke’s?” From this emerged a robust and Spirited conversation that has led us to want to open this dialogue to everyone here at the church.

We began this process this past Saturday with members of our Vestry and several leaders of our many Ministries here at the church by hosting an on-site retreat during which we grounded ourselves in Scripture, reflected on our experiences of St. Luke’s and what we hold so dear about this special place and then began to envision what it can become in the years ahead. Suffice to say that it was also quite a robust and Spirited conversation that both helped us clarify our progress to this point – as well as some of the more immediate issues that impact our ability to begin this process in earnest – and to reflect on what it could truly mean to become the Cathedral in the Community.

The great news is that there is so much to report from this gathering that I can’t share it here because it would make this missive way too long, but we will discuss it in greater detail at our upcoming  Wardens Town Hall this Sunday. What I want you to know before then is very simple and likely something of which you are keenly and gratefully aware: we are blessed to have so many good and committed people to lead us into our future … and we hope that even more of you will join us in this endeavor of St. Luke’s 2020.

A final note, grounded in both appreciation and positive pride: although I don’t want to give away too much until Sunday, let’s just say that the Spirit and generosity of this community, especially in response to some of the financial (et. al.) concerns that we’ve shared with you previously, have been both humbling and inspiring. We are in a much better place to pursue our future than we were just a few months ago, all due to the commitment that we’ve shown, individually and collectively, in the past few months. Please plan to join Wendy and me on Sunday both to hear an update and to do a little celebrating of our success – that is, just enough celebrating to encourage us rightfully to be ever more motivated to do our shared work of making God’s Love manifests in our world every day both here at St. Luke’s and in our broader community.

In closing, thank you again for all that you have done to make this special place an even more wonderful experience for us all and thank you in advance for what we will do together in our next decade. I welcome you to join us this Sunday to review our progress and to begin to envision our future in ways that reflect our appreciation for our many blessings and our desire to share them ever more abundantly with all of God’s children.

All the best,


Walter K. Booker, Senior Warden