Episcopal 101K

The Episcopal 101K class, led by the Rev. John Mennell, teaches participants about the structure of the Church, what Episcopalians believe, why we worship the way we do, and how being Episcopalian is unique as we serve the Lord. For information, questions, or for guidance, please email The Rev. John Mennell at mennell@slechurch.org. Each cycle of E101K covers four units, and the outline is as follows:

Unit #1 – Click here for Class Materials

  1. Introductions and questions
  2. The books in the pew
    1. The Book of Common Prayer
    2. The Hymnal(s)
    3. The Bible

15: Unit #2 – Click here for Class Materials

  1. How the Episcopal Church worships
  2. What the Episcopal Church believes
    1. The Bible
    2. The Creeds

Unit #3 – Click here for Class Materials

  1. The Sacraments
  2. Apostolic Sucsession
  3. A very short history of Christianity
  4. A brief expansion on the history of the Episcopal Church

Unit #4 – Click the Following Links for Information Related to Unit 4: Anglican Polity | Church History | Church Year | Fast Facts | Seasons of the Year

  1. The Episcopal Church: Data and Hierarchy
  2. The Anglican Communion