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Capital Campaign

January 2019 Update:

Thank you for your support of St. Luke’s Episcopal church, our “cathedral in the community” where we are joyfully seeking and serving Christ. In January 2015 we began the planning phase of our “Breaking Down Barriers” capital campaign and with your help and many other members of our parish we have been able to make significant progress against our goal of providing access to everything in our church. Our prayer when we started the campaign was to help us to be good stewards and to assure the future of this place as a “Cathedral in the Community”.   We received a total of just shy of $1.25M in pledges (including grants from the diocese). 

The purpose of this letter is to update you on the financial investment our Parish family made in our “Breaking Down Barriers” campaign.  We have much to be proud of.

The following two pages provide a summary of the work completed to date along with projects underway and planned projects.  Through careful bidding, selection of contractors and close construction management, we have been able to bring the projects within their initial estimated amounts despite a number of previously unknown structural and electrical challenges associated with the nearly complete bridge/connector project.  However, you will note that some un-anticipated expenses have arisen since the inception of the campaign, including raccoon damage in the third floor of the Parish Hall and the need for more extensive roof repairs than originally anticipated.  There are also a number of other serious major maintenance and capital improvement project needs – such as masonry re-pointing of the Church, stained glass restoration and protection, first floor Rectory reconfiguration, additional Church HVAC (to name a few) – that the Parish might otherwise wish to consider, but that are not currently deemed feasible with limited anticipated funds.      

Based upon our current best revenue and expense projections (including deductions for unfulfilled pledges), we believe that there will be approximately $105,000 in remaining available funds at the end of the campaign (April 2021).

Apart from the other possible major maintenance and capital improvement projects just mentioned, one of the key projects planned in the campaign was for an elevator that would provide barrier free direct access to our 2ndfloor where our mission-aligned, expense-reimbursing “tenants” have workspaces, 3rdfloor where we have Choir practice, robing and sheet music storage, as well as the Church School.  Our 3rdfloor is our most underutilized space because it is so difficult to get to. Estimated costs associated with the construction of an elevator would be approximately $250,000 – $300,000 leaving us with an additional need of approximately $175,000+ (even if we do no other projects).  We are planning to soon reach out to all members of the St Luke’s parish family and other potential funders in the wider community to help us meet this remaining need and decide whether we could fund additional projects.  In all of this we are endeavoring to be good stewards of allour spaces within an older and oftentimes challenging physical plant.

The transformation that we have seen already is incredible as is the generosity that made it happen. Our community of faith continues to grow and completing full access will allow us to serve more people in different ways.  We urge your prayerful consideration of fresh, renewed or continued Capital Campaign support as we keep moving forward with the physical improvements necessary for our continued physical and spiritual growth.

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Our campaign ambitiously aims to raise $2.1 million to provide accessibility for everyone, to ensure our future, and to be welcoming to all. We have several projects that we hope to complete with these funds. For greater detail about the phases of our campaign and our progress thus far, please see pages 30-32 of the St. Luke’s 2016 annual report, which can be viewed by clicking here.

As part of the protocol to move forward on any of the outlined projects, we must provide public access to all documentation. The page will regularly be updated with proposals, protocols, and other public materials.


Protocol for Procurement

Protocol for Disbursement

RFP for Sidewalks

RFP for Roof

RFP for Architectural Design and Construction

RFP for Phase 3 of Roof

Capital Campaign Update #9

At its October 16, 2018 meeting, the Vestry voted to authorize the Capital Campaign Committee to issue one or more requests for proposals (RFPs) for Phase 2 of Roof Repairs, the rear of the Parish House including but not limited to pointing.  The Committee expects to issue the RFP(s) late in 2018 or early 2019 with work to be scheduled in the spring of 2019.

Capital Campaign Update #8

At its September 18, 2018 meeting, the Vestry voted to authorize the Capital Campaign Committee to issue one or more requests for proposals (RFPs) for replacement/resurfacing of the parish parking lot along with curbing and adjacent walkways and for repair/replacement of the drainage system under these areas.  The Committee expects to issue the RFP(s) late in 2018 or early 2019 with work to be scheduled in the spring of 2019.

Capital Campaign Update #7

On May 15, 2018, the Vestry authorized the Capital Campaign Committee to issue an expedited Request for Proposals (RFP) for repair of the roof above the old organ pipe shaft room which will be the new Sacristy and Flower Guild room.  This was necessitated by identification of water/moisture damage indicative of ongoing leaking in the roof.  The Committee issued an RFP (2018-6.0) on May 16 and four (4) valid bids were received.  However, the bidders each proposed differing repair solutions.  The Committee therefore issued a modified RFP (2018-6.1) further specifying the repair solution that is to be undertaken.  Three (3) valid bids were received in response to the modified RFP.  Upon evaluation, the Committee recommended the retention of Stoddart Assocs. Inc. to undertake the necessary repairs, with a contract price of $12,600.  The Vestry approved the recommendation.

Capital Campaign Update #6
Having received six valid bids in response to the parish’s RFP for the bridge/connector project, on February 20 the Vestry approved the Capital Campaign Committee’s recommendation to retain Stoddart Associates of Caldwell as the contractor for this project, authorizing an expenditure of up to $450,000 plus permitting fees.  Work is expected to start after Easter.

Capital Campaign Update #5 – RFPs Issued for Bridge/Connector and Elevator Projects – Bids Due by Jan. 19
As previously authorized by the Vestry, on December 8, 2017, the Capital Campaign Steering Committee issued RFPs for the Bridge/Connector (also known as the Sacristy/Accessibility Improvements) and Elevator projects, with bids due by January 19, 2018.
The proposed Bridge/Connector project includes relocation of the Vesting Room to the current Sacristy; relocation of the Sacristy to a new first level in the former Organ pipe shaft room; creation of a new Flower Guild Room in the new second level in the former Organ pipe shaft room; constructing a new ADA-compliant Family Washroom in the current Vesting Room; constructing a new connector through the Vesting Room from the Memorial Chapel to the bridge leading to the Assembly Hall; and barrier free improvements and finishes to the existing bridge to the Assembly Hall.   View the RFP at:
The proposed Elevator project includes the construction and installation of a new 3 story commercial elevator with associated barrier free improvements and finishes in the current storage space just outside the Parish Offices next the Sawtelle Room.  View the RFP at:
The Committee expects to meet in late January/early February to review the bids received and make a recommendation to the Vestry as to proceeding with the projects.  The Vestry is expected to decide next steps at its February 20, 2018, meeting including ordering of the projects, funding, and letting a contract.  Based upon the Vestry’s decisions, work should be underway in the spring.
Capital Campaign Update #4 – RFPs Authorized for Bridge/Connector and Elevator Projects
At its meeting on August 15, the Vestry voted to authorize the Capital Campaign Steering Committee to issue Requests for Proposals (RFPs) for the Bridge/Connector Project (including an ADA-compliant bathroom) and the Elevator Project, once biddable drawings are available from the parish’s architect.  Biddable drawings for the Elevator Project are tentatively expected in September and for the Bridge/Connector Project in October, so RFPs are anticipated to be issued soon after these respective dates.


Capital Campaign Update #3 – Architectural Plans – Contract Awarded to Sionas Architecture P.C.

In October of last year, the Capital Campaign Steering Committee released a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the preparation of architectural plans for the bridge/connector and the elevator projects.  Four firms responded and the Committee met on February 12 to review and score these proposals, recommending the retention of Sionas Architecture P.C.  On February 21, the Vestry approved this recommendation, and authorized the expenditure of up to $102,000 from Capital Campaign funds for these purposes.


Capital Campaign Update #2 – Phase 1 of Roof Repairs – Contract Awarded to Alpine Roofing 

On October 3, the Capital Campaign Steering Committee issued an RFP for the first of four phases of Roof Repairs (the North Transept/Chapel area roof).  (Subsequent RFPs for the other three phases will begin being issued after the winter.)  Three valid bids were received and on October 23, the Committee evaluated the bids and forwarded its recommendation to the Vestry.  On October 30, the Vestry approved the recommendation to retain Alpine Roofing.  The base amount of the bid is $32,300.  The Committee also recommended, and the Vestry approved, an extended warranty option for an addition approximately $545.  Because we do not know the condition of the wood roof beneath the slate tiles, there is a contingency to effect any necessary replacement.  Therefore, the Vestry approved an expenditure up to $36,000 for Phase 1 of the Roof Repairs Project.  Work is expected to be completed before the winter.

Capital Campaign Update – Sidewalks Replacement Project – Contract Awarded to Trapallo Construction Inc. – Work completed.
In May, the Vestry authorized the Capital Campaign Steering Committee to issue an RFP for the Sidewalks Replacement Project, which was issued on June 1, 2016 in accordance with the Open Solicitation Process required by the Protocol for Procurement.  (A copy of the RFP is posted on this page.) Three valid bids were received in response to the RFP and the Committee met on August 10 to evaluate the bids.  Based upon this evaluation, the Committee recommended that the Vestry authorize the retention of Trapallo Construction Inc. for the Sidewalks Replacement Project, with an anticipated contract price of $33,771.  On August 13, the Vestry approved this recommendation.  The Committee anticipates that work will begin the week of September 12th.


For questions, please reach out to our Breaking Down Barriers Steering team Co-Chairs. Thank you!

Breaking Down Barrier’s Steering & Volunteer Team
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Sue Villarosa, Campaign Co-Chair – 973-652-6790

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