The Wisdom Tree Committee

Under the Caring Community, a smaller ministry formed called the Wisdom Tree Committee. The symbol of a mature, healthy, tree represents our parishioners who have reached the age of 75 or above, and the fruit of this tree is the wisdom to be handed down to our younger generations. For that to happen, we need to listen more. This ministry holds two events per year to honor parishioners 75 and above who wish to be included.
The first, a Celebratory lunch, is held in the Assembly Hall. The whole congregation is invited to attend, and at this lunch our honorees are invited to tell a story of their life, either as it related to St. Luke’s, to living in Montclair, or anything at all that they wish. Church school children who wish to participate are given projects to work on in advance to celebrate the honorees, so that our youngest parishioners can get to know our honorees better.
The second event, a Listening lunch, is not open to the whole congregation.  At this lunch, honorees may share their thoughts on the strengths and weaknesses we share as a parish.  Members of the vestry, the Caring Community, and the Wisdom Tree Committee are invited to listen to the concerns, constructive criticism and ideas our honorees may have about the quality of life for parishioners in their generation and to hear any ideas they may have to help St. Luke’s continue to thrive.
For more information about the Wisdom Tree committee, please contact