Gifts Group

Discover Your Gifts

The Gifts Class is a small group workshop conducted weekly at church or in the Facilitator’s home. Class participants work together each week to uncover, identify, and then claim the unique gifts (or talents) God has given each one of us for the service of others.

Each week, one person shares three exercises which have been designed to draw out his/her gifts. (These exercises will be explained during the first class.) The other class participants intently listen, discerning that person’s unique gifts as he/she shares. Then, the facilitator and other class participants identify and affirm that person’s gifts. Facilitators make sure everyone feels respected, safe, and welcome. Come join the class to fully understand and benefit from its affirming, loving power.

Participants should commit to attending class regularly. We will be holding these classes sometime in the Winter of 2013 or Spring of 2014. When they are available, we hope that you step out in faith and sign up. Classes will begin this winter. For more information, contact Christina Bristol: 646-316-1514 or