Big Din

Think about what it would be like to live in a family of two hundred.  Now envision your entire family sitting in one room and having a home-cooked meal.  One of the most rewarding things we do as a parish family is our participation in the annual Big Din.  What began as a yearly dinner the night before Thanksgiving – with thirty-five attendees – has gone through several changes to become the Big Din. Last year we served one hundred and ninety-nine parishioners!  What makes the Big Din so wonderful is that we have been able to sit in one room and enjoy a family-style meal, complete with candlelight, real dishes, real silverware, and real wine glasses – a true family dinner.

This year the Big Din will take place on Sunday, November 17.  We begin at 5:00 in the rectory with refreshments and appetizers that have been provided by many of you.  As with many receptions, this appetizer hour might prove to be the better part of the evening – but no, the best is still to come!  At 6:30, we will find ourselves in the Assembly Room, which will look nothing like the room we have our Coffee Hours in. Tim Mannion, Gordon Frey and their team of decorators will once again have outdone themselves in transforming this beautiful space.  The chandeliers will be on low, the room will be filled with candlelight, and we will all join in a home-cooked meal, provided by Ann Marie Senior and her incredible group of assistant cooks.  After dinner, we will open the doors to the dessert room, where there will be quite a delectable array of sweets – also provided by many of you!

It is no small feat to put on this dinner and we will be reaching out to you for help.  When you sign up for the dinner, either at a coffee hour, or by calling Stephanie Borsi or Sue Villarosa, you will be asked if you are able to provide an appetizer, dessert or bottles of sparkling cider.  You will also be asked to look over the chore list to see if there’s a job you are able to help with.  We will be looking for help on Saturday, November 5th, and on Sunday the 6th, in the kitchen, the rectory or in the Assembly Room.  And we can always use a hand cleaning up.  To help offset the cost of the meal, we are asking for a donation of $10 for anyone age 13 or over, with a maximum of $30 per family.  We don’t want the price to be a deterrent to anyone, so if that is an issue for you, please speak to The Rev. John Mennell.

Each year, the Big Din has a theme, based on giving thanks.  Each year we feast on gratitude and what better way to recognize our wonderful community than by celebrating the family that we are and sharing a meal together.  You are invited and we look forward to seeing you there!

Click on picture to contact Stephanie Borsi to learn more about how you can help with The Big Din.