Worship Without Walls

In the summer we take some of our worship out into our community, surrounded by creation to celebrate Christ.

From Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day Weekend we will have a 5:00pm service at a location that will be determined that morning and communicated by text message.  (Consider it a flash mob mass – to get notifications about the location text “stlukesmtc” to 41411). The service will have readings, sermon, prayers, songs and communion. Everyone is invited to participate and a lot of participation is needed to bring all the pieces together.  We will offer prayers and communion to everyone.

Each week we will go into a different part of our community, from front yards, to parks, to vacant lots, to celebrate Christ, community and creation.  A portion of our offering each week will go to some organization specific to the place of worship. All of the W3 worship locations will be within a two mile radius of St. Luke’s in Montclair.

Liturgy and worship has always been considered the work of the people.  There are lots of simple roles described below.  To sign up to participate click here

Reader – Bring the reading with you and read it during the service.  The first and second readings will be the same as the ones used Sunday and the service leaflet is always available on line.

Prayer – Lead the prayers of the people.  Bring with you and introduce the prayers and the response.  Use the prayers from Sunday morning that are included in the service leaflet that is available on this website

Singer – Lead or perform a simple song of Christian praise.  Whether an opera aria, a taize chant, a praise song or Amazing Grace.  Lead with voice or instrument.  Share your gift of music and invite others to join in.

Crosser – Bring a processional cross to the service and a stand in which to hold it.

Banner – We will have a Worship Without Walls Banner; bring it and its stand to the site, set it up before the service, and take it down after the service.

Flamer – Bring candles and a lighter to the service.

Giver – Collect the gifts to be shared from those who attend the service.

Tabler – Bring the altar to the service.

Snapper – Snap pictures of the service at each unique location.

Smoker – Share incense at the service.

Grabber – Grab and usher people into the location of the service.

Dealer – Hand out informational postcards at the service about Worship Without Walls and how to find more information.

Wino – Bring the communion wine to the service.

Chairperson – Bring folding chairs to the service.

Server – Serve as the Eucharistic Minister at our service.

Ding Dong – Bring and ring the sanctus bells to the location of our service.

Disher – Bring a cup and plate for communion to the service.

Loafer – Bring the bread for communion to the service.