A Closer Walk – Packing List

Here is a packing list that will help you pack for the weekend.
1. Tent/tarp for under tent
a. Stakes made for sand, I have found the plastic ones work well
b. Gallon sized ziplock bags to fill with sand to help keep tent in place
c. If you need a tent let me know. I have a very large one if the kids want to sleep in it.
2. Pop up tents (the ones with no sides) We will need 2-3
3. Coolers
4. Chairs
5. If you have a cart of some sort that you can fit in your car you may want to bring it as it will help with loading and unloading. I have seen people bring plastic sleds as well to use.
6. Clothes for 2 days, comfortable shoes, bathing suit, warm clothes and raingear as well
7. Toiletries, towels, shower shoes, chapstick, ect
8. Sleeping bag, pillow, blankets if needed
9. Optional air mattress
10. Beach stuff (umbrella, blanket,ect)
11. Spending money for extras and for meals
12. Flashlight with extra batteries
13. Baby powder (as this helps remove excess sand)
14. Sunblock, hat, sunglasses
15. Battery operated lantern if you have one
16. Camera, ipod, ect, OPTIONAL
(Chaperones/Adults will NOT be responsible for any electronics brought on the trip.)
17. First Aid kit

We are in need of 2 pop up tents if anyone has one. It will help get out of the sun and trust me we will need to! LOL
The cost will be $70 per person if you want a wrist band. If you do not want to go on the rides or waterpark then you do not have to purchase a wristband.
Food: I would suggest bringing a cooler with water/drinks. Snacks and other stuff are good to bring also but you can eat pretty inexpensively on the boardwalk. We will not be able to cook on beach.
Parking: Parking last month was $60 for the weekend.
Showers: There are shower houses on the beach and off the boardwalk. There is no electric to blow dry your hair at the shower trailers.
Packing: do not over pack as you will be carrying everything to the beach. I am looking into a beach access parking pass will inform you when I hear.