Godfrey Gregg


I am a resident of Montclair and a lifelong Episcopalian. I became a parishioner at St. Luke’s in August 2010; and was installed as the fifth Verger of St. Luke’s on Easter Sunday 2017. In October 2017 I became a Fellow of The Vergers’ Guild of the Episcopal Church (FVGEC). Translated from Latin, the motto of the Vergers’ Guild is: Service through worship and worship through service. Serving as St. Luke’s Junior Warden will be the widening of worship and service to my beloved parish.  

In addition to my service as verger, I am a recently appointed member of the Commission on Ministry (COM) for the Diocese of Newark.  Prior to joining St. Luke’s I was a parishioner at The Church of St. Mary The Virgin in New York; and was trained as a choirboy at The Chapel of The Intercession, Trinity Parish Wall Street. 

After a career in aviation, I returned to graduate school, following graduate school I did analytic training, and later completed my doctoral studies at The Silver School of Social Work New York University. The focus of my research was:  Attitudes of Black American Women with a Diagnosis Breast Cancer Towards Advance Directives

Prior to accepting my current appointment at the Nathan Weiss Graduate College of Kean University, I was a Clinical Associate Professor and later Associate Dean and Director of the MSW Program at Adelphi University. In addition to my academic appointments I maintain a private practice in New York City.