Sow the Seeds of Love — Lent 2021

Take on a New Prayer Practice for LentPray the Parish
Each household in the parish has been mailed a “Pray the Parish” booklet. This booklet can be part of a prayerful Lenten discipline. Beginning on the first Sunday in Lent, each day you have an opportunity to pray for several members of the parish along with a collect from the Book of Common Prayer. The list of names is randomly sorted, and if you use this every day, you will have prayed for the people on the St. Luke’s roster by the end of Lent. If you know the person, feel free to pray for any needs or concerns of which you know. If you don’t know the person, simply pray, “May the Lord bless and keep….” As an additional act of love, feel free to call, e-mail, or text people saying, “I prayed for you today!” 
Take on a New Prayer Practice for LentContemplative Prayer
Wednesday evenings at 6:00pm via Zoom at this link.
Does your soul long for quiet in this time of anxiety? St. John of the Cross said, “Silence is God’s first language. Everything else is a poor translation.” We invite you to join our meditation group that meets virtually at 6:00pm on Wednesday evenings to transform our fear into love.
Take on a New Worship Practice for LentNoonday Prayer
Plan to make Noonday Prayer part of your mid-day routine. This short service that begins on page 103 in the Book of Common Prayer takes just 10-15 minutes. On Weekdays you can join others on Facebook Live, which is accessible to all at (no account needed). Link to the Order of Service and Prayers of the People.
Take on a New Faith Practice for LentFasting
Fasting is an ancient practice of denial that opens new insights into the love of God. Consider intentional fasting to remind yourself of the blessings you have. Consider a SNAP fast. SNAP is the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program which provides approximately $1.39 per person, per meal. Have a SNAP meal by yourself or with your household and consider donating what you would have usually spent to Toni’s Kitchen to help those in need.
Take on a New Bible Study Practice for LentRead the Psalms
The Psalms are some of the oldest and most widely used religious texts. They convey the whole range of human emotion while turning toward God. You may follow the Daily Office schedule that begins on page 950 in the Book of Common Prayer. You may also try reading the Psalms in order – reading about four Psalms a day (and taking a couple of days to read all 176 verses of Psalm 119). Let the Psalms lead you to new understandings of God.
Take on Lament for LentEpiscopal Relief and Development Devotional
We lament all those whose lives have been lost during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our hearts break for all of the people who are no longer with us. We also lament other losses that include jobs and livelihoods, the opportunity to travel to visit loved ones, and the ability to worship together in our church buildings. You are invited to meditate on these reflections daily by resting, reflecting, repenting and ultimately being restored to God and to one another. Many of the authors share deeply personal and painful experiences related to a variety of issues including disease, violence, racial injustice and poverty. If you would like to subscribe to receive these meditations daily via email, please subscribe at For a PDF copy of the devotional visit
Take on a New Creative Practice for LentJourney to the Cross
Our Lenten journey is a journey that takes us to the cross. The cross has long been a key symbol of our faith. This Lenten season St. Luke’s invites you to use your creative talents to meditate upon the Stations of the Cross and to reflect on the cross itself by creating an artwork that conveys the spirit of one of the Stations. Participants are encouraged to use any medium they can imagine (e.g. paint, sculpture, photography, needle work, video, etc.). You are also invited to create a cross, using any medium, to share with our community in a Stations of the Cross service during holy week. Our creations will be shared virtually for all to reflect and discuss.  We also want to encourage children and youth to participate in making a cross in the hopes of having a separate service to reflect their creations. Help us form this idea and let us know if you would like to participate by contacting Jason Andersen by March 7.
Take on Your Own Practice for LentYour Idea is Best for You
Let this be a season of creativity as you hear where God is calling you.