Re-Imagining Generosity

One of the great gifts we have been given by God is the gift of imagination. Our imagination helps us to see things in new ways. In these challenging times we are asking people to reimagine their understanding of generosity so we can all realize how richly blessed we are by God. Each week we will share a video reflecting the many ways generosity is being reimagining by our fellow parishioners.

Closing Video

Week Nine: December 13, 2020

Week Eight: December 6, 2020

Week Seven: November 29, 2020

Week Six: November 22, 2020

Week Five: November 15, 2020

Week Four: November 8, 2020

Week Three: November 1, 2020

Week Two: October 25, 2020

Week One: October 18, 2020

Many thanks to Rachel & Justin Moore, Roxie Zeek, and Shahri Griffin for their perspectives and to Martin Cowart for creating this video.

As you prayerfully re-imagine your understanding of generosity you will be asked to make a financial pledge to God through St. Luke’s for the upcoming year. This is an opportunity to dream with God about what is possible as we walk together as a community of faith. These pledges are particularly important this year as we try to make plans in the midst of the uncertainty that swirls around us.

Click here to make your pledge.

If you have any questions about pledging feel free to reach out to the captain of our Reimagining Our Generosity Team, Martin Cowart or to our Rector, The Rev. John Mennell.