Erik Trojian

Vestry Class of 2022

Erik Trojian is semi-retired as a stay-at-home dad of three children Miles, Maya and Sam, and is husband to Geline Midouin. They live in Livingston. He joined St. Luke’s because of its great youth programs and friendly atmosphere. Erik and his family have been members of St. Luke’s since 2015.

At St. Luke’s Erik has helped organize its successful Jazz Jeans and More II fundraiser, built and repaired several parts of the church, participated in clean-up activities, and makes elaborate food for coffee hour. At his former churches he was also on their parish counsel/vestries.

Prior to his semi-retiring, he was a lobbyist and public policy professional for over 20 years. His last accomplishment, prior to retirement, was to create a new corporate form across the country that allows companies to consider society and the environment in addition to profit. This new law changed over 100 years of corporate law precedent that required corporations to solely focus on profit at the expense of society and the environment. This new corporate form is called a benefit corporation.

He began his interest in public policy while interning for Rev. Jesse Jackson at the National Rainbow Coalition while in undergrad. He also spent eleven years in the New York State Legislature, working for the Speaker of the Assembly and the Majority Leader of the Senate.

Erik received his BA in History, with a minor in African-American studies from the University of California at Berkeley and his MA in Political Science from Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy at SUNY Albany.