Dan Salvito

Deputy to 2021 Diocesan Convention

My wife, Charlene, and I joined St. Luke’s a little over six years ago.  We were lifelong Roman Catholics,  and were looking for a faith that was more inclusive and more welcoming to all people in the community.  We found a warm and openhearted community at St. Luke’s.

Following our desire to serve the community, Charlene and I have been leading the effort to build the Peace and Justice Ministry at St. Luke’s.  The Peace and Justice Ministry is working to address social justice issues in our community.  We’re building this ministry around four pillars: the spiritual underpinnings of social justice, cultural understanding, physical support to local organizations assisting immigrants within their communities, and advocacy. 

Previously, I was elected to serve as a Deputy for the 2018 Convention.  I found it a deeply moving experience and learned a great deal about how important this role is to the functioning of our diocese and our church.

I’m deeply honored to again be considered to serve as a Deputy to the Diocesan Convention.  I see it as both a way to further my service to St. Luke’s and continue to expand my understanding of our faith.