Summer Love Feeds Kids

Summer is here and Toni’s Kitchen is launching our second year of the, “Summer Love Feeds Kids” campaign. What is Summer Love? Well at Toni’s, Summer Love is food. Families during the school year have food at school and they have childcare.  During the summer months, these costs need to be covered.  It costs the average family over $1000 to cover these costs.  This summer, we are partnering with the Montclair Public Library, with local tutoring programs, with local sports programs and with the YMCA to make sure that kids have healthy food during the day and backpacks with healthy food to take home with them.

So show us some “Summer Love” by donating $12 and we will pack a backpack with healthy food for a family during the week throughout the summer.  You can donate here:

To view a video message from Anne Mernin, Director of Outreach at St. Luke’s, visit

Thank you!