Celebrate Black History Month

Each year, St. Luke’s honors black history throughout the month of February with special programming in the Davis Room on Sundays at 11:30 a.m. after worship. After the close of the first ever black presidency, and into a future for us all to share, join us in these offerings, which explore and exalt the work of those who fought for civil rights.

For information on spiritual enrichment at St. Luke’s, or about our Black History Month programming, please email SET@slechurch.org.


This year, we are proud to announce our upcoming programs:

Sunday February 5
A feature on Civil Rights by John Wyatt

Sunday February 12
Meditations with Malcom X, part 1, facilitated by Walter Booker 
Sunday February 12
Meditations with Malcom X, part 2, facilitated by Walter Booker 
Sunday February 26
Signs in the Times featuring black history, the black lives matter movement, and living in current society as people of color, led by the Rev. John A., Mennell.

About Meditations with Malcolm X

Which Malcolm X do you know: the fiery Black nationalist/separatist of the late 1950s and early 1960s or the transformed, inclusive, multi-racial leader of the last year of his life? If you’re like most folks, you only know the first, the second having largely been lost to history because of the tragic brevity of this period. We’ll be exploring the ‘later,’ post-Mecca Malcolm, the one who not only realized that God’s children came in all hues and with varying experiences on the path to Him/Her/It and that African-Americans needed non-Black partners in the quest for human liberation. And we’ll be comparing and contrasting him with the ‘later,’ post-I Have A Dream Speech MLK, who also tends to be less appreciated by history and who became more strident in his advocacy in the realms of economic justice and opposition to the Vietnam War before his tragic end. In certain ways, it turns out the Malcolm and Martin did indeed begin to meet in the middle, a fascinating reality worthy of our study in this Black History Month.