The Caring Community is Here For You

The Caring Community, a ministry of St. Luke’s started by Susan Singer, exists for so many reasons. Not only does the Caring Community bring meals to those who cannot always get out to shop, or to Toni’s Kitchen for a nutritious lunch, but also they provide urgent rides to medical appointments, visit with those who cannot get around, send cards, deliver flowers to the ill, and check on people both from the parish and the local community. The Caring Community is always at work behind the scenes. Anyone, young or old, well or ill, rich or poor, can use the services of the Caring Community. If you would like to offer your support to this volunteer-led ministry, please email Sue Singer at We always appreciate it if you make an extra portion when you cook dinner and drop it off at Church, or volunteer to give a ride to someone, even once a month. Thank you for helping us to create a truly caring community.