Lent 2017

Lent is upon us. This year, we begin Lent with Ash Wednesday on March 1. We will launch into a season of reflection, moderation, and preparation as we anxiously await the glory of Jesus’ resurrection. Join us as search for God in all we do, and as we listen to God, in each our lives, and in one another.



We have several Lenten activities available this year:

Pray the Parish – Both pray to god, and listen for God in your prayers for others
Episcopal Relief and Development devotionals – Listen and see God in the outreach that is done for others
Lent Madness – Seek God as a family by participating in Lent Madness and learning together
Lenten Faming – Instead of shame, spread some fame! Share uplifting thoughts and kindness with one another on a St. Luke’s sticky note – Listen to God and share your gratitude for the gifts of others, and let them know they’re appreciated.

For information on spiritual enrichment and questions about St. Luke’s, please email info@slechurch.org.