Membership Software Change

St. Luke’s has been using a system for tracking church membership for nearly a decade that has been a great help to parishes all over country. However, the makers of that software have a released a new program that is more efficient, user friendly, reliable, and flexible for our needs. As a result, St. Luke’s will be switching to the new software as of May 15, 2015.

What this means to you as a parishioner:

1) If you have a current, recurring gift through online giving, once the new software is in place, you will need to re-setup your gift. The system is MUCH easier to understand and to use. This step is vital to continue paying pledges and gifts to St. Luke’s. For people who have NOT currently setup online giving, the initial setup will be considerably less confusing and faster to use.

2) All members will have EASY access to a user-friendly, real-time database that behaves similar to popular social media profile websites. You will be able to connect, communicate, and share with your fellow parishioners. Your information will still be kept as private as you like, but accessing a directory will be SO simple!

3) Once we switch over, the parish office will be more than happy to train anyone who would like to know how the system works. For questions on the impact the switch will have on you, please call 973-744-6220 x 301 or email