Spiritual Explorer’s Book Club – Meets January 27

photo 1The Spiritual Explorers Book Club is an effort to engage anyone and everyone in an on-going conversation about the meaning of faith and community. Sponsored by the Spiritual Enrichment Team of St. Luke’s in Montclair, we hope that you’ll join us as we traverse the deep and diverse contours of faith – including the Christian faith that we profess as well as others – while appreciating the centrality of community in its expression. All are welcome! To join us, email Walter Booker at booker@slechurch.org. Our next meeting will be held Tuesday, January 27 at 7:00 p.m. in the Rectory. Please read the required piece about Martin Luther King, Jr., by clicking here
Are you interested in enriching your own faith journey by experiencing the wisdom of the ages as well as new discoveries in the modern era, all in the company of fellow Spiritual Explorers?Do you like learning about aspects of different faiths and how these have developed over the years?Have you ever wondered what other faiths believe and how this compares and contrasts to what you believe? Have you ever wondered what some of the great theologians, both ancient and modern, have contributed to our understanding of God and how we experience Him/Her/It?Have you ever wondered how to live your faith more meaningfully, taking lessons learned in church and reflecting them more powerfully in your everyday life?
Then join the Spiritual Explorers!In the coming year of 2015, based on our members’ interests, we will explore both Christian wisdom and that of other faiths as we traverse the insights and offerings of spiritual savants like…Jesus of Nazareth
Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Karen Armstrong
Dietrich Bonhoeffer
John Shelby Spong
John A.T. Robinson
St. Augustine
Obery Hendricks
Henri Nouwen
Reinhold Niebuhr
Marcus Borg
Reza Aslan
John Dominic Crossan
Winifred Gallagher
William James
Bertrand Russell
Teresa of Avila
Thomas Merton
St. Paul
Stephen Prothero