The Caring Collaborative

St. Luke’s is a community; some even call it family. Without title or fanfare, many have called, visited, or given rides to fellow congregants who suffer a setback from illness or injury. Seeking to build on the spirit of loving our neighbor that already exists in the congregation, St. Luke’s is launching a Caring Collaborative  which will initially include two ministries:

Food for the Soul:  In partnership with Toni’s Kitchen and the Eucharistic Visitor team, we will deliver frozen soup and other food treats to fellow parishioners who are challenged by temporary disability, transportation barriers, or other potentially isolating conditions. Toni’s Kitchen will provide the food. We will provide the deliveries, which may include a brief visit, or simply a deposit at the door, accompanied by a note, as appropriate.  We believe this simple service can make a profound difference to those who are in pain or experiencing diminished independence and social contact. We are seeking volunteers who will each, once a month, pick up food packages at Toni’s Kitchen on Saturday or Sunday, and follow through with a delivery. For more information, please contact Susan Singer at or 973-809-2436.

Telephone Buddies: Do you enjoy chatting on the phone with friends and acquaintances from time to time?  Do you ever wonder what treasures lie behind the unfamiliar names on your St. Luke’s Directory?  Phone Buddies will reach out by phone to parishioners who are temporarily homebound as a result of illness or injury, or have disabilities that preclude easy access to church services, or who are retired and living alone. We will match volunteer phone buddies with fellow parishioners, with a goal for each volunteer to make four or five call a month. For more information, or better yet, to sign up as a volunteer, contact Susan Singer, as above.