The Spirituality of Children – June 1

Please join us on June 1 in the Davis Room at 11:30 a.m. with guest speaker, Bill Lutz, as we discuss, “The Spirituality of Children,” part-one of a parenting series at St. Luke’s. Part-two of the series will be presented by Kathy DeWalt on June 8.The forum is open to all and a question and answer session will follow. Child care will be provided. Presented by the St. Luke’s Spiritual Enrichment Team. Questions? Contact

The Spirituality of Children

Children are very spiritual. They sense and feel God before they know the name or concept of God. “The Breath of God” has truly been breathed into every child. We often feel that we need to “teach” them religion and faith, which is mostly true. But, we also need to be present and to listen.

This is when spiritual connection takes place.

We will discuss the evolving spiritual life in children starting at about age 4, through early (age 6 – 8) and middle (9 – 11) childhood and into adolescence, the age when they have a million questions. Many kids drop away from church in adolescence. We will look at what is necessary to maintain a vital “faith group” through this age.

Bill Lutz_color (1)The Rev. Dr. Bill Lutz is a United Church of Christ (Congregational) minister and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, New Jersey. In addition to his theological and clinical training, he has a Doctorate in Ministry in Pastoral Psychology with focus on Adolescence; and a post doctoral term in child development at the Erikson Center, Harvard Medical School. Through the years, he has served as a consultant to several Nursery and Private Schools as part of his work as Executive Director of the Montclair Counseling Center. He is married with two sons and daughters in law, and seven grandchildren.