Annual Meeting Results and Thank You

photo (3)We would like to thank all who attended the St. Luke’s Annual Meeting on May 19, 2013. Not only was the turn out impressive, but also we were able to hear about the truly inspiring work and projects in which St. Luke’s parishioners are involved. We had a full house for the meeting as we gathered in the Assembly Hall, which had been turned into an Art Gallery for the Montclair Art Walk the previous Friday. It was a testament to the metamorphosis the church can go through for large events. Also, it was exciting to see that the operations of St. Luke’s made such an event possible!

If you see any of your newly elected members, please say,”congratulations!”

Your newly elected Warden is: John Wyatt

Your newly elected Vestry Members are: Jinni Rock-Bailey, Wendell Bristol, Harry Mayo, and Mike Peinovich

Your newly elected Foundation Committee Member is: Stuart Christie

Your newly elected Deputies to Diocesan Convention are: Cathie Mazza, Martha Thalheimer, and John Wyatt



To view the 2013 Annual Report, please click here.