Holy Week Services – Apr 14-21

In Holy Week, the most significant Christian week of the year, we follow the end of Christ’s life from his triumphant entrance in Jerusalem, through his death on the cross, and his resurrection. You are encouraged to participate in as many of the services as possible and to set this week aside as something different in your life.  This is an opportunity to see and feel the depths of human suffering that lead to the hope that God offers, even in the darkest hours. This is a journey we take together — please join us! 

Palm Sunday Procession – April 14
Palm Sunday marks the start of our observation of Holy Week in anticipation of the Risen Christ. Gathering on the front lawn on April 14 at 10:00a, we’ll begin our procession and remember Jesus’ entrance into Jerusalem with crowds waving palms and shouting “Hosanna in the highest!”

Monday – April 15 – The Gospel According to Mark at 7:00p
Sit in quiet contemplation to hear the entirety of Mark’s Gospel

Tuesday – April 16 – Tenabrae at 7:00p
Tenebrae, a service of shadows that is left unfinished as we grieve for the suffering of Christ.

Wednesday – April 17 – Eucharist and Healing Service at 7:00p
Receive the laying on of hands for healing and Communion during this service.

Maundy Thursday –April 18 – Foot Washing and Stripping of the Altar – 7:00p
Come hear Jesus’ mandate to love one another, share in foot washing and keep vigil.

Good Friday – April 19 – Services 7:00a, 12:00 Noon, and 7:00p
Participate in the solemn liturgy of Jesus death, hearing the Passion Story from John’s Gospel

Holy Saturday – April 20 – Great Vigil of Easter at 8:00p
Celebrate as we light the Easter Fire & exclaim, “Alleluia!”
A Bread & Bubbly reception will follow.


Easter Sunday – April 21
Join the celebration of the risen Christ!
St. Luke’s holds Easter worship at 8:00a Eucharist with Organ, 9:00a
Children’s Celebrate! Service, 10:00a Eucharist with Choir. All are welcome.