Annual Meeting Results


The Annual Meeting of the Congregation voted to elect several new people into leadership positions at St. Luke’s. St. Luke’s held its Annual Meeting of the Congregation on Sunday, May 20th. At that time, a vote was taken to fill new leadership positions on the Vestry, as well as the Foundation Committee and Delegates to the Annual Convention. And the newest leaders are:

Warden – Martha Thalheimer

Vestry – Walter Booker, Jim Short, Penny Vance and Roxie Zeek (3-yr term)

Vestry – Tom Laws (2-yr term)

Foundation Committee – Keith Kawecki and Harry Moss

Delegates to the Convention – Dall Forsythe, Martha Thalheimer, and John Wyatt

Alternates to the Convention – Mary Anne Caton, Cathie Mazza and Deb Van Exel

Thank you to all who ran for open positions and the nominating committee for their group effort in gathering the candidates. Everyone at St. Luke’s looks forward to the months ahead and the implementation of the new 5-year plan that was introduced at the meeting.