2020 Visioning Survey

The St. Luke’s 2020 ReVisioning Survey/Cottage Meeting Schedule offers an opportunity for anyone to reflect on the St. Luke’s experience and to share feedback to assist in the formation of a new vision for the church in its next decade. The survey will only take a few minutes – likely less than five – but its impact will be significant.

Feedback from the survey and cottage meetings will help to develop our shared vision of the future. The survey is available below or in the back of the church in hard copy, so we ask you to take a moment to fill out the anonymous Survey and to book a spot at any of the Cottage Meetings that we have available. To book a Cottage Meeting by phone, please call 866-344-4584 to hear the options and make your selection with our personable answering service. Thank you in advance for your thoughtful engagement!

Click here to fill out the survey.

Click here to sign up for a cottage meeting.

To download a PDF calendar of available cottage meetings, please click here.

When you enter the SLEC 2020 Cottage Meeting Calendar site, you’ll see a number of “Classes” listed: these are the individual Cottage Meetings from which you can choose. Hover over a class/meeting and you’ll see the details (i.e., Hosts, date/time, location, number of spots available, etc.) appear. (Please note that most of the Cottage Meetings are being hosted in fellow parishioners homes, but several will be held on-site in the Rectory Living Room for your convenience.) Then, select the one that works best for you. After you select one, you’ll receive an email confirmation (and an email and/or text reminder the day before your scheduled Cottage Meeting). It’s that simple and easy!

The goal for each cottage meeting is to have a cross-section of members participating while avoiding the natural tendency for friends to want to gather with one another. 

Thank you again for your participation.