Have You Seen This Van? Toni’s Kitchen Van Stolen

St. Luke’s feeds the community, children, elderly, and the homebound through our beloved food ministry, Toni’s Kitchen. Toni’s Kitchen usually provides assistance to the community, but now we must ask for the community to assist us….

Toni’s Kitchen was the victim of a major theft this week when our 2014 Ford Transit Connect delivery van was stolen from the parking lot of St. Luke’s Church.  Video of the theft shows a man coming onto the property late in the day and leaving with stolen checks, cash and keys.  Most troubling, he drove off with the Toni’s Kitchen van.

This is a major disruption for Toni’s Kitchen, which delivers food for several hundred families each week.  The van transports Healthy Backpacks, Nutrition Packs and meals to local libraries, preschools and afterschool programs to feed families, seniors and children.  “The van keeps us going,” said Anne Mernin, Director of Toni’s Kitchen.  “It allows us to take in food donations from local groceries and shops and turn that surplus food into healthy meals for our soup kitchen and outreach programs.  It is busy seven days a week and is a hard working member of our TK family.” The TK van was donated to Toni’s Kitchen in 2014 by a local family and has allowed the Kitchen to more than double its reach in the last few years.

Toni’s is hoping this gets resolved quickly.  If anyone spots the 2014 white, Ford Transit Connect with Toni’s Kitchen markings or license plate NJ XBRR68 please call the Montclair Police Department.

Also, because we are without our van, we are paying drivers to help do the pickups and deliveries we normally do with our van.  If you would like to help us with donations to help pay for drivers, please go to our donation page at: https://4agc.com/donation_pages/057d0c3a-22c0-4e3c-b1fa-0c33e1da1b3a

Channel 2 reported on the story on Saturday evening: