Serve Another Way

The Caring Community is a group of volunteers who offer their time to help others. The ministry serves as requests come in and have found a way with God’s help. 

Volunteer Stevie Tryson offers these words about her family’s ability to serve:
I’ve been told that if we’re listening, God often is calling us to help our neighbors through abilities we already possess. My experience of beginning to cook for the Caring Community felt like this insight. I enjoy cooking, and I often make recipes that make more servings than my family needs – 6 or 8, when there are only 3 of us. I’ve grown increasingly passionate about avoiding waste, so there’s no question that we’d eat or freeze the leftovers. I asked in prayer for direction of how to be of service and almost immediately afterwards, I read about the Caring Community. “Make an extra portion of dinner for a home-bound parishioner,” the blurb said. Well! Now those leftovers had a place to go! Really, everyone wins in this scenario – I’m directly improving the lives of a handful of my neighbors, it’s allowing me to cook the ways I’d like to, it’s cutting back on the repetition of leftovers, and it’s avoiding worry about waste. I do occasionally cook extra food specifically for the Caring Community, largely because I really enjoy cooking as a hobby, but it’s easy to make a contribution with very little effort beyond my normal routine of feeding my family.


Ways to Serve the Caring Community:

– Double a dinner recipe and donate the extra portion for homebound or ill parishioners
– Sign up to give someone a ride to church – Sign up to be on call to visit someone in the hospital
– Sign up to bring someone to the doctor
– Offer your talents to help someone; legal support, organization, financial affair prep
– Write brief cards of well wishes to people who need a pick me up
– Deliver altar flowers to those who need a smile
– Coordinate a shared play date to help give a new parent a moment of rest
– Offer to run an errand for someone who can’t get out easily

Email us today to assist us at least once: Thank you for helping us live in the way the Christ asks of us.