Spiritual Explorers Book Club – Monday, May 7

In the coming month, we’ll be reading Paul Tillich’s The Eternal Now, a classic compendium of this imminent mid-20th century theologian’s sermons.  It’s deep, thought-provoking and Spirit-inducing, so we hope that you’ll grab a copy and plan to join us when we meet again on Monday, May 7, at the usual time – 7pm EDT – and in the usual places (in person at the Rectory at 75 South Fullerton Avenue in Montclair or online via Skype).
To whet your appetite for this next phase of our journey:
Many people … hope for a continuation of this life after death.  They expect an endless future in which they may achieve or possess what has been denied to them in this life. … (This) refuses to acknowledge that we are creatures, that we come from an eternal ground of time and return to the eternal ground of time and have received a limited span of time as our time. …
There is no time after time, but there is eternity above time.”
​(from “The Eternal Now”)​

Email Walter at booker@slechurch.org for information.