Updates on the Capital Campaign

We have completed new sidewalks and one of the roof repairs (church) and are expecting bids on Jan 19 for the ramp between the church and the assembly hall and the elevator.  We have just about $500K in the bank right now so hope to start/complete those two projects in 2018.

For more details, here is the report that was shared with the Vestry last month including links to the RFP’s which provide more detail on the projects than anyone really wants to know :

As previously authorized by the Vestry, on December 8, 2017, the Capital Campaign Steering Committee issued RFPs for the Bridge/Connector (also known as the Sacristy/Accessibility Improvements) and Elevator projects, with bids due by January 19, 2018.

The proposed Bridge/Connector project includes relocation of the Vesting Room to the current Sacristy; relocation of the Sacristy to a new first level in the former Organ pipe shaft room; creation of a new Flower Guild Room in the new second level in the former Organ pipe shaft room; constructing a new ADA-compliant Family Washroom in the current Vesting Room; constructing a new connector through the Vesting Room from the Memorial Chapel to the bridge leading to the Assembly Hall; and barrier free improvements and finishes to the existing bridge to the Assembly Hall. View the RFP here

The proposed Elevator project includes the construction and installation of a new 3 story commercial elevator with associated barrier free improvements and finishes in the current storage space just outside the Parish Offices next the Sawtelle Room.  View the RFP here.

The Committee expects to meet in late January/early February to review the bids received and make a recommendation to the Vestry as to proceeding with the projects.  The Vestry is expected to decide next steps at its February 20, 2018, meeting including ordering of the projects, funding, and letting a contract.  Based upon the Vestry’s decisions, work should be underway in the spring.