Partners for Health Matches $1/$1 Until 1/1/18

Once again this year, Partners for Health is matching donations to Toni’s Kitchen through the end of the year.

Toni’s Kitchen is eligible for up to $35,000 in matching grants from the Partners for Health Foundation!

Your donation of $50 or more — made between now and December 31, 2017 — will be matched $1 to $1 by Partners for Health as part of its campaign to Fight Hunger and Homelessness.

•      Use this special DONATE NOW link for your gift to be eligible for matching funds.  You can also click on the big button on the upper right hand side of this page to donate.

•      Note your contribution will be made through PayPal to Partners for Health, but tracked to Toni’s Kitchen. This will be confirmed in the donation receipt you will receive from PayPal.

•      Checks of $50 or more that are payable to Partners for Health and received by Toni’s Kitchen by December 31, 2017 are also eligible for these matching funds.

For more information about Partners for Health, check out their website at