Familiar Patterns – October 28, 2017

Sobrado to Arzuá – 13.8 Miles/32,757 Steps
(Total 343.7/798,573)

Our arrival in Arzuá was a clear indication that things are about to change. The town is built for pilgrims with alburgues, pension and cafeterias everywhere. They have three souvenirs shops in a very small town center. This is the point where a couple of major pilgrimage routes come together before the last 25 Miles into Santiago.

The day was filled with beautiful trails winding through farmland and villages. While we have been doing this for a month, it still feels new and fresh, with each turn shedding light on some new portion of a magical path.

So it is on the Way. So it is following Jesus. You never know where you might end up, or what blessing lies ahead.

We had a great perigrino lunch in Arzuá, showered and went shopping for some food for the night. On the way back, we saw that the church doors were open and people were filing in. It was the Saturday 5pm Mass. we decided to go – grocery bags in hand.

The universality of the Church came through in shining colors. We make so much of denominational and language differences that we forget how much we share.

There were no service leaflets, prayer books or hymnals and we knew right where we were. Confession, absolution, collect Gloria and readings. What we lacked in Spanish, we made up for with the St. Luke’s service leaflet. We followed the readings in English on my phone connecting my church with the church. Connecting with one God. It seems we would do better if we remembered those connections more often.  We are connected in familiar patterns of worship. 

66°F Mostly Sunny
Calle de Lugo, Arzúa, Galicia, Spain