We’re Not Alone – October 29, 2017

Arzuá to O Pedrouzo
11.9 Miles/26,231 Steps – (Total 355.5/823,573)

Each day on the Camino has had a different character. Usually the landscape is the variable, but today it was the people. Hoards of people.

Ok, not hoards, but when you see maybe five or six other pilgrims a day – usually at some watering hole, it is different to have people around all day long. Today the Camino Norte joined the Camino Frances. Most folks making their way to Santiago come through where we are. Even in this low season there are hundreds coming though everyday. We could see or hear someone on the trail at all times.

In someways it was disconcerting to have to share our peace and quiet with other people. One of the things I love about silent retreats is not having to acknowledge other people. It may sound rude – but it is expected in a monastery keeping silence. It allows you to drift more deeply into a place of prayer with no worries or concerns other than connecting to God. It feels like we spent a lot of time in that “place” over the last month.

Today the silence was punctuated frequently by, “Buen Camino! As we passed or were passed by others.

There is also some excitement in not being alone. While we may have felt separated from other people, we were never alone on the journey.

Jesus was certainly a constant companion, and others were not far ahead or behind. Still others had blazed these trails for centuries before us. We are never alone on the Way which is ultimately a good thing.

We have mixed feelings about our anticipated arrival in Santiago tomorrow. I am starting to think of it as a new beginning and not the end of years of planning and a month of walking. I don’t want to leave the “peace which passes all understanding” that has filled much of the time in the past two weeks. We will have more time in Santiago than planned and hope to use it like a retreat filled with prayers of thanksgiving for all we have seen and how we have been carried.

64°F Mostly Sunny
Rúa de Picón, 2, O Pino, Galicia, Spain