Surprise – October 24, 2017

Abedín to Vilalba
12.5 Miles/28,850 Steps – (Total 293.4/678,245)

We began the day with low expectations about what we would see and where we would go. We had about 12 Miles to cover and it looked from the maps like we would spend the day dodging between the two major roads that have been our nearby companions for most of the trip.

The day started with a first – an actual breakfast menu where we could choose what we wanted – including eggs which are not a breakfast staple in Spain. We got on the road before the sun was up and were treated to the most spectacular sunrise we have seen all month – and we have seen most of them. With our westward route the action was happening behind us. We would take a few steps and turn around to a sight more breathtaking than the last.

That seems to be how God works. When our expectation is for more than God wants us to see, we are often disappointed. When our expectations are low we are surprised. When our expectation is in God we are delighted.

We were delighted as the day wore one. The weather was beautiful, surprising the locals who keep telling us how rainy and cold October usually is. We crossed small creeks on medieval bridges and passed between farmlands and pastures divided by vertical stone fencing that we had not seen before.

We stumbled into two small cafes just off the path that had just what we needed. We arrived in Vialba to our hotel whose dining room is in the lower part of an 11th century palace tower (although most of the remaining structure is from the 14th century renovation).

We were surprised and delighted by what God had in store for us on this day.

46°F Mostly Sunny
27730, Abadín, Galicia, Spain