The Short Route – October 23, 2017

Lourenzá to Abedín – 12.5 Miles/30,145 Steps
(Total 281.2/650,465)

We had a choice again today and choose the route that was listed as “more strenuous” but a few kilometers shorter. We made our way out in the dark and got to Mondeñedo by mid morning. It was a another town tucked into the hills centered around a grand cathedral with roots dating to the 13th century. We ate a much needed tortilla (the Spanish word for a thick Spanish potato omelette – think quiche without crust) and drank some coffee. Then the fun began.

We snaked our way through the narrow streets of town, dipped into a small valley, and then started to climb through groves of eucalyptus. And climbed. And climbed.

At the top, where the trees stopped (most likely not planted that far up) there was a soft field of green, dotted with crocus and grazing cows. It also came with a views across hills, valleys, and fields north to the sea about 15 miles away.

And it was quiet. All you could hear was God whispering in the wind. We had a deep sense of peace without a care in the world. The weather was perfect and we would often stop, so the noise of our footfalls on the dirt road would not interrupt the beauty of the quiet.

As we made our way over the crest we encountered another cow on our path. More correctly we were on her path.

We hid in the shadow of the hill hoping she would move on and leave us in peace. We realized that my earlier strategy of identifying Sonia as a vegetarian to cull favor with the cows of Spain was an ineffective strategy, making them look at her as competition for prime grazing, although most of Sonia’s grazing is confined to the vegetable aisle at the supermarket. Fortunately we were able to pass without incident.

We walked a bit more and found a grassy patch next to the road where we had a picnic lunch on a sunny afternoon before coming into Abedín where we will spend the night after covering 100 kilometers in the last four days.

61°F Mostly Sunny
27791, Mondoñedo, Galicia, Spain