God is in the Small Stuff – October 19, 2017

Cadavedo to Luarca – 11.5 Miles/26,934 Steps
(Total 215.4/500,252)

Today was one of the shortest planned walks of the pilgrimage. We were feeling great after mountain climbing yesterday. We slept in a bit, had a great breakfast at the hotel and started on our way. Then the effects of the mountains became real. We are both a little tired and anything would be a bit of a let down after the views we had yesterday.

For days I had been noticing the flowers growing all along our paths. The entire area of our pilgrimage (except Avila) is in España Verde or Green Spain where the influence of the Atlantic keeps things rich and lush. So today’s task on the short walk was to try to capture some of the flowers we have seen. I stopped. I shot. I walked and stopped again. When I scrolled through my pictures at the end of the day I was blown away by the color and diversity – of what I saw today alone. I wonder what would happen each day if we stopped to notice the abundant small beauty that God has placed on our path. The pictures attached are screen shots of the album in the phone so the quality is mediocre. The color and variety is still brilliant.

We ended the day in Luarca, a small fishing village tucked in a cove. It seemed like we spent half the day “approaching” Luarca, even though we could not see it until we rounded a corner and looked down on the harbor. The fishing boats, like the flowers along the way, are adorned in bright colors.

66°F Mostly Sunny
Calle del Carril, 1D, Valdés, Asturias, Spain