O God, Our Help in Ages Past – October 9, 2017

Mogro to Santilliana del Mar
11.4 Miles/27,059 Steps – (Total 97.2/225,176)

A short distance was planned for the day, with the destination of the medieval village of Santilliana del Mar as the days objective. We arrived before 1pm and went straight to the 11th century Collegiate Church and cloisters to pray.

The walk had been through one of the least scenic areas we have experienced so far. There were a few small villages and a large industrial area. We had gotten so used to seeing our destinations in the distance it was almost a surprise when we arrived in town.

Before sitting down for Morning Prayer we circled the cloister and briefly and toured the church. The sacristy was visible and it was reassuring to see the elements and vestments laid out as they would be at any church today.

It wasn’t until I had been seated for a while that I realized where I was – the third pew on the right – where I sit each day to pray at St. Luke’s. It was ancient and familiar all at the same time.

After reading the daily office I moved on to my prayer list as I do each morning. I prayed for Sonia, my family and friends, St. Luke’s leadership, staff, members and weekly prayer list. Then I moved on to the part of my prayer list where I pray for those who guided and led me in my spiritual journey. I was grateful for them as always, but today I felt them against the deeper backdrop of centuries of faithful prayer. Each of them, like each of us is somehow shaped by all who have gone before. As I sat in the church I felt like my prayer list was scratching the surface of an ancient tradition. I felt the depth of time as the deep foundation to where we are. God was our help in ages past and is today.

After lunch I returned to church to read Mark. As I entered I heard singing and recognized the tune. Some folks were singing a Taize chant in German. I joined in softly in English. We were connected today as the body of Christ standing on the firm foundation of time.

66°F Mostly Sunny
39330, Santillana del Mar, Cantabria, Spain