Sunshine – October 7, 2017

Güemes to Santander
16.9 Miles/37,273 Steps – (Total 73.8/170,111)

After the rain from the day before the sun was a welcome partner on a cool September morning. One of the joys of heading west is the sun at your back each morning lighting the way.

As we left the small village of Gûemes (after a delightful OCD breakfast laid out by Maria our host) we passed a few farms, climbed a ridge and were looking out to sea again. After another turn, we could see Santander – our intended destination. A gift in hugging the coast is being able to see the towns ahead giving hope on the journey . Hope lies in what we perceive to be true as we follow where God leads.

The path was filled with twists and turns, following the jagged outline of the rocky coast. Most trails were on the cliffs above the sea. The ocean was on the left, and farms were on the right, with corn fields and pastures coming just yards from the edge.

The last part of the journey to Santander was by ferry. As we approached the ticket office we ran into a fellow pilgrim whom we had met two days before. Our Dutch friend informed us that the last three ferries had been cancelled, presumably by the unusually low tide. Rather than risk the next one we decided to go another mile to the next ferry stop. Fueled by ice cream, Sonia led the charge across the bridge. The ferry passed by, heading to where we had just been.

When we eventually caught the ferry, we were joined by a dozen or so pilgrims, many whom we had encountered before. The ride offered a stunning view of the city and sailboats raced past us on our way. We settled into an apartment hotel for the night.

We cooked at home and then headed to the Cathedral for mass. The setting sun cast wonderful shadows on the narrow streets of the city. On the way home a nearly full moon was rising over the Bay of Biscay.

52°F Mostly Sunny
CA-443, Bareyo, Cantabria, Spain