Motel 6 – October 6, 2017

Santoña to Güemes
13.6 Miles/31,513 Steps – (Total 56.9/132,838)

She didn’t believe me that it was right over there. The last few miles had been on busier roads with a steady drizzle. As we sat in the shelter of the local church making the reservations for the night. For the price of a Motel 6 we “might” be staying in a 17th century bed and breakfast. I would not have believed me either. We could see it right down the hill from where we sat making our plans for the night.

The room had a 12×12 wooden beam across the ceiling and one of the very small windows indicative of the era. It also had wifi, which I believe to be a modern update.

It was a graceful end to another spectacular day that began strolling by the prison in Santoña as we left town. I considered a life of crime – the prison had a spectacular view of the ocean. We crossed the beach and climbed the most dangerous path on the route. Once again we were rewarded with spectacular views of the beach we just left and the one where we were heading on the way to Noja.

The beach was flat and hard, perfect for walking and Morning Prayer. A quick fried octopus breakfast sandwich on the square and we we on our way.

As we toured the countryside it was easy to forget we were just a mile or two from the ocean. Small farms and green pastures filled the spaces. None of the fields were as large as what we see in the US. Old churches stood at the highest spot in most villages with very few windows to let in the light.

I felt grateful to share the path will all who had gone before – and grateful to share the journey

63°F Mostly Cloudy
Calle la Barcena, 305, Bareyo, Cantabria, Spain